We will also discuss various aspects of chemical agent familiarization. We believe that if someone is to use these agents correctly, they have to know exactly what they will be handling. We place emphasis on the theoretical learning of chemical agents. The upshot is that you know exactly what you will be dealing with in the workplace.

    Students will learn:


  • Legal and moral responsibilities of chemical weapons.

  • Use of force.

  • Chemical agent familiarization and its uses.

  • First aid for chemical agent exposure.

  • Fundamentals of chemical agent use.




  • Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a recognized PWA Chemical Agents Certification Card, as well as an ASC Certificate of Completion. This certification will allow you to work in a variety of security-related roles and carry chemical agents as part of your work.

  • Our Chemical Spray CourseCourse is 4 hours of comprehensive training specifically designed for Security Officers, and other industry professionals. You will gain detailed information in the use of all types and forms of Oleoresin Capsicum aerosol projectors.